Zikkonnect is a cluster of Research and Education Network made up of tertiary institutions in the South East Region of Nigeria focused on improving the quality of research and education, access to quality information and tools and collaboration between scholars using technological and educational tools. Zikkonnect was born out of the need to access research and educational materials through an open community of researchers and educational professionals. Zikkonnect being a community of researchers and professionals in the industry is heavily tasked with the availability of research tools and optimum collaboration and networking.

Objectives of Zikkonnect

– Bridging the gap in participating institutions in the areas of technology, education and research
– Foster collaborative research using relevant technologies among participating institutions
– Building capacity through the development of internet resources, high tech training and user groups among participating institutions
– Ensure good interoperability between research organizations and higher education networks.
– Ensuring high network availability for the purpose of collaboration and research
– Drive the objectives of National and Regional RENs.

Why form Zikkonnect

Nigeria being a large country with over 150 million citizens has made it difficult to access information and collaborate with one another, therefore the need for a smaller cluster where information dissemination, active participation and collaboration will be lot more easier and cost effective. This brought about the urgent need to form a zonal cluster of which participation will be close to 100%. This will increase the visibility of all projects by the national and regional RENs ensuring full participation in all activities.