Identity Access Management

Resources for research and education are globally dispersed.  To support access to these resources, WACREN and sister regional networks, Ubuntunet Alliance and ASREN have developed infrastructure to offer identity and access management for African research and education institutions and content providers who participate in the federation.

The federation is a trusted access management environment that provides users with wi-fi connectivity and content access at home or abroad, all using the log-in credentials of their home institution.  WACREN is the regional operator in West and Central Africa and Eko-Konnect is one of the REN operators in Nigeria.

Students and researchers from participating institutions can use their home institution credentials to access a growing number of online services and resources (like research databases and library journals) via the service with the same single sign-on.  The Federated Identity service is extended internationally by participation in eduGAIN (managed by GEANT), which enables users to access services hosted internationally.